Los Diablos Pequenos


Born on 04/02/2004.
Deceased on 10/10/2009.

Dear Domino,
You became mama, but unfortunately it took a different turn during birth. A caesarean section, it was heavy and lasted too long and you went sleeping forever.
I’m overwhelmed by sadness because of the great loss of my dear Domino.
You’ve given us the greatest gift, a girl named Diamond and male named Briljant.
To honor you, Brilliant and Diamond will stay in our family. Through them you will still be present every day.
Domino I will never forget you, you were so special with your glamorous appearances.
You liked to be in the picture and now we give you a dedicated place of honor on the website so you can continue to shine forever.
“Together forever my dear Domino”
I will never forget you, my heart is connected to your heart, rest in peace.

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